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Software Developer Agreements

Software developer agreements can be very tricky and need to be carefully drafted to help ensure your developer knows his responsibilities and abides by his contractual obligations.

Common points we will address in a software developer agreement are:

1) The software design and development process

2) The scope of the agreement and services

3) Specifications and technical requirements

4) Developer and customer testing

5) Developer guarantee

6) Intellectual property rights and licensing

7) Software installation and integration

8) Payment schedule

9) Warranties and indemnities

10) Support, maintenance and service

11) Updates, upgrades, etc.

12) Breach or non-compliance

13) Other services (this is fact specific)

14) Source code issues (i.e. escrow)

15) Variations in contractual obligations and potential change in control

16) Termination

17) Consequences of early termination

18) Dispute resolution

19) and more

Remember, a well-considered and negotiated agreement is the key to ensure your software development engagement runs smoothly. If you have picked your developer, let us assist with the negotiation process, including the preparation of the final agreement.

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