Licensing Marijuana

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Licensing Marijuana

Offering marijuana for sale is illegal at the federal level thus, the United States Patent and Trademark office will NOT issue a federal registration, even for medical purposes. But, there are other ways of securing trademark rights for Marijuana and related goods/services.


Use and policy your trademark in states where Marijuana is legal.


File for trademarks in states you do business or license your trademark(s).


Seek registration for goods or services related to marijuana, but that are not illegal.

Trademark licensing for Marijuana related goods/services

What is a license?

A license is an agreement between parties that describes the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

A licensor is someone who gives a licensee permission to use a trademark or brand or copyright, for financial compensation, and is legally obligated to control the quality of the products or services offered in the license.

Licensing your trademark or copyrights is not brain surgery, but its not easy either. If mistakes are made, they are very expensive to fix. So let’s do it right from day one.

Licensing tips
  1. If your licensee operates in multiple states, we recommend creating two independent agreements.
  2. Licensors should register in the states where they do business and confirm that licensees are registered in the state where the services are rendered.

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