Filing Your Application Domestically and Internationally

Trademark Services

Filing Your Trademark Application in the United States and Internationally

After prosecuting and filing thousands of trademark applications, we have the experience to overcome the many issues and obstacles presented prior to the issuance of a trademark registration.

A registered trademark will distinguish and protect your brand for your products or services. Your trademark will identify you as the exclusive source of a product or service and will help protect you and your clients from sub-par infringing goods or services.

How does a trademark help protect you and your brand? First, owners of federally registered trademarks enjoy nationwide rights and priority. The moment an application for a federal trademark registration is filed, everyone in the United States is on notice. Once registered, the ability to prevent a third party from using a similar name for similar goods or services is vastly increased, which in turn increases the value of the business and potential for selling, licensing, or franchising the brand.

Trademark strategy
  • Use your mark in a consistent format, font, and consistently
  • Register your mark, even if you are not using it yet (see below)

Comprehensive domestic trademark registration services

  • Federal trademark database clearance search based on variations of the mark and wild card searches
  • Opinion letter via email
  • Attorney client consultation via telephone
  • One additional search for a new mark if requested mark does not clear
  • Preparation of your application
  • Filing and docketing of your application

Standard domestic trademark registration services

  • Exact name and common variation federal trademark database search
  • Opinion letter via email
  • Preparation of your application
  • Filing and docketing of your applications

Comprehensive trademark search, analysis and report

  • Search of Federal, internet, and domain name databases
  • Clearance and risk assessment analysis opinion by attorney

Expedited services | Two-day turnaround

  • Expedited application cleared and filed within 2 business days
  • Expedited comprehensive search are completed within 3 business days

Client understands that there are no guarantees regarding the success of Attorney’s efforts and Client authorizes Attorney to employ counsel, agents or experts on its behalf. The Client understands that any additional work requested by Client, such as Appeals, Oppositions or Cancellations, research, renewals, submission of specimen for intent-to-use applications, responses to substantive office actions, and other matters shall be billed at either a flat rate provided upon request or hourly at $300 for time actually devoted to the service of Client, together with reimbursement for all expenses pertaining to the client’s matter(s).

Application For International Registration of a Trademark

Once you provide us with a list of countries in your field of expansion, we will prepare a comprehensive road map and budget for your global brand efforts.

We find that most of our clients protect their trademarks globally, and usually start with key regions and emerging markets such as Canada, the EU, China, South America, Russia, and the UAE.

In addition, because of an influx of counterfeit goods into the United States, our clients regularly protect their trademarks in the countries where their goods are manufactured. Key countries of manufacture generally are: Mexico, China, Vietnam Taiwan, Israel, and Turkey.

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